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Duco Kitchens

Duco allows you to create a unique kitchen design, with a clean and smooth finish. Available in many colour options, Duco is a popular product on the local and international design scene.


Duco is a term widely used for applying a quick-drying multi-colour line of nitrocellulose lacquers made especially for the automotive & carpentry industry.
In short – we make use of a medium density fiberboard (Mdf) / supawood, and apply primer coat by spray gun, whereafter the base and final coats get applied.


All spray painting gets done in a controlled spray booth area ensuring a clean and smooth finished product.


Finishes offered: mat, satin, gloss, high gloss 2K (automotive) polished to a mirror-like finish.

base line

The Gallery

kitchen cabinets duco 3.jpgKitchen-Cupboards-Duco-0917-001.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 29.jpgKitchen-Cupboards-Duco-0917-002.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 30.jpgKitchen-Cupboards-Duco-0917-003.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 31.jpgKitchen-Cupboards-Duco-0917-004.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 32.jpgKitchen-Cupboards-Duco-0917-005.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 33.jpgKitchen-Cupboards-Duco-0917-006.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 8.jpgKitchen-Cupboards-Duco-0917-007.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 9.jpgKitchen-Cupboards-Duco-0917-008.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 1.jpgKitchen-Cupboards-Duco-0917-009.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 10.jpgKitchen-Cupboards-Duco-0917-010.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 11.jpgKitchen-Cupboards-Duco-0917-011.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 12.jpgKitchen-Cupboards-Duco-0917-012.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 13.jpgKitchen-Cupboards-Duco-0917-013.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 14.jpgKitchen-Cupboards-Duco-0917-014.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 15.jpgKitchen-Cupboards-Duco-0917-015.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 16.jpgKitchen-Cupboards-Duco-0917-016.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 17.jpgKitchen-Cupboards-Duco-0917-017.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 18.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 1.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 19.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 10.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 2.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 11.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 20.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 12.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 21.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 13.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 22.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 14.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 23.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 15.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 24.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 16.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 25.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 17.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 26.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 18.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 27.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 19.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 28.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 2.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 29.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 20.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 3.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 21.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 30.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 22.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 31.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 23.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 32.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 24.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 33.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 25.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 4.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 26.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 5.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 27.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 6.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 28.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 4.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 7.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 5.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 8.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 6.jpgkitchen cupboards duco 9.jpgkitchen cabinets duco 7.jpg