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Melamine Kitchens

Melamine kitchen cupboards are produced in extensive colours and textures, allowing for clean minimalistic look.


Melamine or "melawood", as some may call it, is an affordable chipboard based sheet, covered by a hard plastic laminate coating.

Melamine offers three different and popular finishes ie. Textured ( smooth) Alpine ( wood grain) & Linear( embossed wood grain).

The colour range of Melamine is expanding every year – please call us to view samples for your new project.

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The Gallery

Kitchen-melamine-0917-001.jpgKitchen-melamine-0917-002.jpgKitchen-melamine-0917-003.jpgKitchen-melamine-0917-004.jpgKitchen-melamine-0917-005.jpgkitchen cabinets melamine 01.jpgkitchen cabinets melamine 10.jpgkitchen cabinets melamine 11.jpgkitchen cabinets melamine 12.jpgkitchen cabinets melamine 13.jpgkitchen cabinets melamine 2.jpgkitchen cabinets melamine 3.jpgkitchen cabinets melamine 4.jpgkitchen cabinets melamine 5.jpgkitchen cabinets melamine 6.jpgkitchen cabinets melamine 7.jpgkitchen cabinets melamine 8.jpgkitchen cabinets melamine 9.jpgkitchen cupboards melamine 1.jpgkitchen cupboards melamine 10.jpgkitchen cupboards melamine 11.jpgkitchen cupboards melamine 12.jpgkitchen cupboards melamine 13.jpgkitchen cupboards melamine 15.jpgkitchen cupboards melamine 16.jpgkitchen cupboards melamine 2.jpgkitchen cupboards melamine 3.jpgkitchen cupboards melamine 4.jpgkitchen cupboards melamine 5.jpgkitchen cupboards melamine 7.jpgkitchen cupboards melamine 8.jpgkitchen cupboards melamine 9.jpg