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Veneer Kitchens

Get the classic wood look to your kitchen cupboards. Wood veneer designs can create contemporary, classic elegant or country style kitchens.


Veneer is a thin decorative covering of fine wood applied to a coarser substrate board, that we spray paint in a clear coat to the desired finish ie. matt, satin or gloss.

Offering you the classic and elegant feel of a solid wood but at a fraction of the cost.


Veneer is available in all major tree species. Please contact us to view samples.

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kitchen cabinets veneer 1.jpgkitchen cabinets veneer 2.jpgkitchen cabinets veneer 3.jpgkitchen cabinets veneer 4.jpgkitchen cabinets veneer 5.jpgkitchen cabinets veneer 6.jpgkitchen cupboards veneer 1.jpgkitchen cupboards veneer 2.jpgkitchen cupboards veneer 3.jpgkitchen cupboards veneer 4.jpgkitchen cupboards veneer 5.jpgkitchen cupboards veneer 6.jpgkitchen cupboards veneer 7.jpg